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Workshop Guru is for you if…

You want to spend a lot less money on workshops

You are ready for industry decision-makers to know who you are

You believe actors deserve respect when it comes to workshops

You are tired of wasting money with unreceptive casting directors

You want to save time on research and workshop registration

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Get the honest scoop from other actors on what it’s like to meet casting directors before you spend money! Learn which workshop companies offer the best services, and avoid scams!

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Finally! One place to see every CD and agent workshop in LA and NYC. Compare prices, schedules, and location to choose the best workshops for you.


Free tips, tricks, strategies and mindset practices to help you maximize your success in workshops… and in your overall acting career!

For Casting Directors

If you are a casting professional, watch this video that explains the purpose of the service, and how you can access the website for free.

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Want to see what the service is like before you purchase a membership? Check out a video tour of our website.

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We love our loyal members! After a few months of membership, you will receive a Membership Card in the mail that grants you special discounts and benefits from trusted businesses who offer great services to actors. Click here to see the list, and check back frequently because it keeps growing!


Know of a new workshop company that is not on the site? Want to see a new feature? We are constantly improving our site, and we want to hear from you about how to better serve actors!


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Our Mission

Save Actors Money

We save actors money by making workshop pricing, membership fees, and company features transparent.

Save Actors Time

We make it simple for busy actors to find casting workshops they desire that fit perfectly within their schedules.

Empower Actors as Savvy Consumers

We provide actors a powerful voice by publishing their reviews of workshop companies and the casting professionals who teach workshops.

Have you ever been skeptical after receiving an email or a phone call from a workshop company representative telling you how wonderful all of their casting director guests are, and how necessary it is that you meet ALL of them, regardless of your individual goals? Yup. We’ve gotten those calls and emails, and we’ve been skeptical too. Every workshop is NOT the most important one for our careers. That’s impossible! But we get it. Workshop companies need to fill their workshops to stay in business!

That’s where we come in. Workshop Guru gives you the tools to decide which workshops are REALLYright for you. We exist only to serve the best interests of the actor. Our mission is to save actors time and money, and help them navigate the casting workshop process. We have no other motives.

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