Welcome to WorkshopGuru.com! We offer free lifetime accounts to all casting professionals (casting directors, associates, and assistants) who teach workshops.  To set up your account, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For faster processing, please include your preferred email address, phone, and mailing address in your request email. Thank you for joining us!

The vast majority of casting professionals love being profiled on Workshop Guru, receiving glowing reviews, and having our actor members discover and register for their workshops.  However, a couple of casting professionals have requested to be removed over the years for various reasons.  Please be aware, it is our policy not to honor that request.  We have made a promise to our members to be a comprehensive schedule of the workshops available in the markets we serve, and that is the service we must provide.  If you are teaching workshops, then your name and workshop details will appear on the site. If you cancel your workshops for any reason, the entry will be removed from the site once our researchers verify that your workshop is not taking place.

If you have a concern about a posted review, please feel free to comment on the review. Keep in mind, each review is moderated by a member of our team to ensure that our Code of Conduct is upheld, and that no personal attacks or mean-spirited reviews are posted by actors.  It is important to us, and to our members, that our forum is respectful and constructive, even though reviews are anonymous.

Thank you for all you do for the actor community! Every day our members are educated and inspired by the workshops you teach, and we are grateful.

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