Writers of helpful reviews on Workshop Guru always seem to remember the following 3 simple guidelines:




If you can internalize these 3 rules it will be easy to write wonderfully insightful reviews.  Let’s explore each of these in more detail.


Specificity is key.  Your fellow members are reading your review to get the scoop before they make an important investment in a workshop.  The more details you can include, the better!  Here are some questions that you can answer to write reviews with more clarity:

How did the casting director run the workshop?  If it was classroom style, did she read with actors, or pair actors up?

What was the quality/length of the material he brought?  Co-star?  Guest star?  Funny?  Highly emotional?

Did the casting director share information on the best way to stay in touch with her?

Did you get the impression that the CD is open to calling actors in to audition after meeting them in workshops?

What was the atmosphere like at the workshop company as you were waiting for the workshop to begin?

Does the workshop company make it easy for you to sign up for the workshops you want?

Does the workshop company send lots of emails and make lots of phone calls about potential workshops?  Is that a helpful sales tactic for you?

Every actor will have their own opinions about these elements of workshops, so it’s incredibly helpful when you can be clear about how your opinions were formed.


You don’t have all the time in the world to write these reviews, right?  You have other tasks to do to build your acting empire!  Fortunately, it only takes a second to fill out your star ratings and to enter the mandatory pros and cons.  Use the title field to convey your overall impression of the workshop.  Use the pros and cons fields to share the bulk of your thoughts.  Fill in the optional comments field only when you have something else to share that doesn’t fit within that positive or constructive feedback you’ve already shared.  Concise reviews are easy to write, and easy to read!


If you do happen to have negative feedback for a casting director or workshop company, it’s always most helpful to phrase that feedback constructively.  Be specific with the person or company about exactly how you think their service could be improved.  Our goal is to have tons of excellent choices for workshops in Los Angeles, and honest reviews really do help services improve.  Nasty reviews tend to turn readers off.  It’s easy to dismiss the writer as being a lil’ crazy if his review is overly rude.  Furthermore, the Workshop Guru’s Code of Conduct makes it clear that reviews containing overly harsh statements or profanity will be removed.  If you don’t want your review to be rejected and removed from the site, keep it courteous! 

And now for a final tip -  It’s easiest to be clear, concise and courteous when the experience is fresh in your mind.  Try to post reviews within one week of attending a workshop.  Now get out there and write some great reviews!

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